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  • Considerations by Intended Parents

  • Many couples thinking about surrogacy have made several failed attempts at fertility treatment and have spent thousands of dollars in the process. It is important to address the emotions that result from not being successful during fertility treatment. Failing to deal with these emotions prior to beginning the surrogacy process can result in undue stress and anxiety during the pregnancy. Before moving forward with surrogacy, make sure you are emotionally prepared to deal with having another woman carry the pregnancy.

    While it is possible to do surrogacy without an agency, it is not advised. There are many financial and legal aspects of surrogacy. Not understanding the full process can result in heartache down the line. An agency is there to provide support for all parties and to handle the financial and legal issues. The agency is also responsible for ensuring the entire process is done in accordance with State laws.

    When thinking about surrogacy, it is important to consider the financial implications. Using a surrogate mother can be expensive as the intended parents are required to pay a number of fees. More info look here

  • All medical fees associated with the pregnancy
  • The fees associated with testing prior to beginning the surrogacy process
  • Background checks
  • Medical insurance for the surrogate
  • Legal fees
  • The fees for the surrogacy agency
  • Travel fees
  • Compensation for the surrogate mother
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